About The MCORE Foundation

Until it’s possible to predict tragedy, there is only prevention.

Our History

As we move forward into a new decade, we feel it is important to share the history behind the creation of the MCORE Foundation from its start as Mobile Cardiac Overview and Risk Evaluation or mCORE LLC. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Kenneth Berkovitz and Brett Douglas, mCORE’s goal was to provide a mobile cardiac risk assessment for student athletes in Ohio ages 12-22 years old. The Douglas family had suffered a personal loss of a 15-year-old family member who died from (SCA) during basketball practice. Together, Dr. Berkovitz and Brett Douglas created an automated assessment tool and screening program that they offered directly to the athletic community, and within school systems during the day to make the service convenient and cost effective for families to participate. The assessment included the use of an electrocardiogram (EKG) and limited echocardiography (ECHO) screening to identify undetected heart abnormalities in young men and women that could potentially lead to a sudden cardiac death, and to share this information with families.

While this high-level offering was a lifesaving opportunity for tests that otherwise were unavailable except for family history or emergent medical issues, most of the general public did not recognize the need for such testing, and if available, it would be extremely cost prohibitive for many. Therefore, we formed the MCORE Foundation. We felt the need to expand our reach and provide awareness, education, and offerings to screen individuals regardless of their ability to pay. In 2014, the MCORE Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the idea of raising funds for educational programming and to offer screenings to families needing financial assistance to receive a screening. The Foundation has participated annually in awareness and fundraising efforts to promote this new expanded mission. Today, the mCORE automated system is still the only program of its kind. For $79, the system allows parents the ability to sign up online and create an account for their child and family. The mobile unit program includes imaging done by registered cardiac sonographers who upload content that is read by pediatric cardiologists. We also deliver and store baseline imaging in PDF format (EKG) and .mp4 files (Echo) for each screening participant.

Our Mission

The mission of MCORE Foundation is to provide education, screening and enable research for sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) for children and young adults.

Our Location

The MCORE Foundation is in Columbus, Ohio and promotes screenings nationwide.

3182 Powell Road, Suite 180
Powell, Ohio 43065

9,500 youth are affected by what the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute calls a critical public health issue.

- The American Heart Association

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