Hospital and Medical Partnerships

mCORE is privileged to partner with a number of medical and hospital programs to provide preventative heart screenings for children ages 12-22. Our mobile unit provides heart screenings in conjunction with hospital physical nights, wellness programs and sports partnerships. If you are looking to provide preventative heart screenings to your patients, community or teams, mCORE would love to partner with you to save young lives. Contact Us to learn more on our programming and how to partner with mCORE to provide a cardiac option for your next program.

Adult Wellness

mCORE: the only mobile cardiac unit providing preventative heart screenings for athletes, now provides adult wellness screenings. Our strategic partnerships with several wellness companies along with our cardiac unit allow mCORE to provide a mobile alternative for your employee wellness offerings. We offer a range of onsite diagnostic options, including EKG and Echo’s, Biometrics (BP, Total Cholesterol, Glucose, BMI, Ht. Wt.). Contact Us to get learn more about our offerings and how to bring our mobile unit to your company.

Corporate Partnerships

We all want to make a difference in the lives of others and especially in the lives of our children. Our corporate partners make this statement a reality by providing funding for preventative heart screenings, promotional items and support to educate families in the fight against Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The #1 Killer of Our Student Athletes Each Year. Contact Us to learn more about how your company can make a difference with your marketing dollars.